The Ministry Of Love

We often fantasise about Brutalist landmarks we'd like to live in. Highpoint in Bradford usually comes top of the list! It's an imposing slab of the grey stuff with ominus red tinted windows, a caretakers flat and incredible views!

Here's a piece on Highpoint Joe wrote for 'Dictator' themed issue 10 of The Modernist magazine.

“The Ministry Of Love.

There is no missing 'High Point' upon entering Bradford.

Nine storeys of West Yorkshire stone based concrete tower over the highest point in the city centre and can be seen from miles around.

The former premises of the Yorkshire Building Society have been empty for some years and have withstood plans for cladding and conversion into a hotel, retail space and apartments. They have been the site of much urbexing, an attempted free rave and, sadly, mass metal theft and vandalsim. They are currently for sale.

The building is known locally as The Ministry of Love, in reference to the windowless torture centre of George Orwell's 1984.

As I stand at the base of this angry concrete fortress looking up to the 8th floor I can't help but imagine Ian Fleming’s Blofeld in the old caretakers apartment that exists there. Spinning around on a G Plan chair, stroking his cat and looking out of the buildings blood red windows across the Pennines plotting world domination.”


You can buy the Modernist magazine here and find out more about its founders The Manchester Modernist Society here. 

Photos: Hopper & Space